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County Council President Bud Otis

(4/2018) Iíve been deeply considering whether to run for another four-year term as your County Council At-Large representative. After thinking over the past months, after praying about it and having heartfelt discussions with those closest to me, it became clear that my job is not yet done.

When I first took office in December of 2014, my main focus was to develop a solid foundation for our and future Councils to build upon. It took some time to develop the necessary procedures and protocols, and in my opinion, weíve been able to establish a base that is strong and vital. We have Council rules and procedures which serve as a good guideline. We have updated these Rules to better accommodate hearing from not only the majority party but also from the minority party on the Council.

We have crafted a good communication policy between the Council and our staff with the Administration. This has proven effective, in almost all circumstances, and we continue to build upon strengthening this procedure in order to better serve our county residents.

Most months we as a council meet weekly, both the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays for Legislative Days and the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays for Workshops. It is sometimes challenging to keep up with the demands of the agenda items. However, we are paid to do our homework and meet this requirement.

All council members have crafted individual or co-sponsored legislative bills which have been or are going through the public process. Some bills have been the result of concerns brought to us by our residents and weíve tried to assist them in solving problems with the countyís codes, etc. Many efforts have been fruitful while others - not so much.

Having the public involved in the legislative process has been extremely helpful. We are all not experts in all fields, so having subject experts come forward and offer their advice and counsel has been invaluable. My main mission is to listen before coming to a decision. Listening to the many sides of the issues creates an opportunity to see facets not known previously. This leads to a more extensive search for common ground. After listening and completing research I come away with a greater overall perspective on the subject. And, regardless of the final decision, I am so grateful for all the advocates whether or not I agree with them on a particular position.

We have developed a basic foundation. Now, I want to see this through one more election cycle to solidify what we have established. Then, my job will be complete.

I was a Republican for most of my life and considered President Ronald Regan as an excellent example of what a President should be like. Fiscally conservative with compassion for the underdog is how the government should be run. He made me proud to be an American. My decision to leave the Republican Party in May of 2016 and become Unaffiliated was extremely difficult. I made the change for a number of reasons, which Iím available to discuss one on one.

In my opinion it would be much better for candidates to run on their own platform without political labels. That way youíll know more about them and how they stand on specific issues that concern you. Our county government is all about the health, safety and welfare of our residents. Itís about roads, police, fire & rescue, EMS, 911, schools, economic development and planning for county development, etc. I serve all residents of the county.

I am an Unaffiliated Candidate for the County Council At-Large seat. An independent voice, not an echo of either party. No one can pull my strings, as I have no strings to pull! On every vote I have taken I have had only one thing in mind when I vote and that is, what is best for the County as a whole. I have not regretted one vote in over three years. I have served you by following that guidepost!

Running unaffiliated is tough as unlike the candidates of the two major parties, I need 1,734 registered voters in Frederick County to sign a petition which enables me to get on the ballet. Independent candidates donít run in the Primary. The signatures ensure my name will appear on the General Election ballet.

So, Iím asking for your signature on a petition so that my name is included on the General Election ballot. The only requirement for signature is that you are a registered voter in Frederick County.

Please join me and sign the petition Ö then vote! "Bud Otis for Frederick County" is my Facebook page and my campaign address is Bud Otis P.O. Box 245, Middletown, MD 21769. I would love to hear from you! Thank you very much.

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