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The Importance of Working Together

Philip Dacey – County Council At-large (R)

(4/1) I grew up in Frederick County, riding my bicycle to the Mountaindale Convenience Store and visiting the Cozy Restaurant for special occasions. My father was a teacher and my mother a nurse on the birthing unit at Frederick Memorial Hospital. Together with my two brothers and two sisters it seemed like we knew everybody in the county. Twenty plus years since my graduation from TJ, I am raising my 2 daughters, my wife has a small business here, and boy how the county has changed.

Since my high school graduation, believe it or not, we have many of the same politicians still in the same places. It is time for a change in the leadership in Frederick County, and that is why I am running for County Council At Large. Our County Council’s lack of accomplishment over the last four years is stunning -- I challenge you to name two things they have they done for us taxpayers. They spend more time arguing about parking spots than about how to improve services to citizens. It is time that we have leadership that works for us.

I have a record of being able to work with everybody, regardless of ideology, to deliver lower taxes and better services. I was honored to have been elected as the only Republican on the Frederick City Board of Aldermen in 2013. In four years, working together we phased out the business personal property tax, reduced taxes on the manufacturing sector, made record investments in roads, and increased the size of the police force. These are the tangible things that local government should be focused on delivering for citizens.

Additionally, I voted consistently against increased fees and voted consistently to protect individual private property rights. When the City shut down the private Cresap Gun Club range, I fought to help it reopen.

I pledge to reduce taxes and partner with Governor Hogan to bring the infrastructure and road investments we need to improve our quality of life. I pledge to work together to promote Frederick County across the state and region as a friendly place for business and jobs, so that fewer people who make Frederick County their home have to spend time commuting. I pledge to make sure that your tax dollars are spent delivering high quality services -- police, schools, and parks.