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Why I'm running for the
County Council District 5 Seat

County Council Candidate William Valentine

(3/1) On January 3rd, I filed my Republican candidacy for Frederick County Council District – 5. I am a life-long Maryland resident and have resided in northern Frederick County for approximately thirty-five years. The goal of my candidacy is to ensure Frederick County continues to be a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire. If elected, I will work to ensure District – 5 receives the appropriate funding for our schools and other county services. I will work collaboratively with the other members of the County Council in a professional manner to be a true “checks and balances” with the County Executive to develop and implement fiscally responsible budgets that are intended to spend each tax dollar efficiently, while providing the highest level of service to the citizens of Frederick County.

I will work to preserve our natural resources, agriculture industries and family farms, while supporting responsible residential growth. Because of its geographical location and close proximity to highways and interstates Frederick County has been an attractive place to build, live and commute for many years. I support planned development near existing communities and municipalities capable of handling the required service needs of our citizens. Planned residential growth with adequate roads, water, sewer, schools and other infrastructure will allow others to enjoy this wonderful county while protecting and preserving our agricultural heritage.

I am a strong supporter of property owner’s rights when they are in compliance with approved zoning ordinances and regulations. Resolutions and legislation that impact property owners and private land should be clear and definitive in its intent and purpose when written and prior to its approval. I will not support legislation containing ambiguous language that diminishes the property rights of our citizens and could lead to the loss of their private land through its conversion to public use without overwhelming justification and fair market compensation.

I support the various components of public safety within the county, this includes the Sheriff’s Office, Detention Center, Fire and Rescue Services, Emergency Medical Services and the Office of Emergency Communications. I will seek to provide necessary resources for these agencies through fiscally responsible funding. As an active and career law enforcement officer with over twenty-years of service, I recognize and understand the challenges these men and women face every day. Frederick County is home to many hardworking and wonderful people, I believe our public safety professionals are focused on maintaining safe communities while providing efficient and quality first responder services. Adequate public safety coverage throughout District – 5 will be a priority of my candidacy.

I will support a business friendly environment where existing businesses choose to remain and new businesses look to relocate to Frederick County. This can be accomplished through lower taxes and reduced fees. Regulations are a necessity in any industry, however they should not be so cumbersome whereby they discourage new business ideas or an existing business’ choice to expand and grow.

My family and I have been fortunate to call northern Frederick County home for well over 200 years. Frederick County is rich in tradition and history and I am proud to call it home. I look forward to meeting and speaking with neighbors and as many of my fellow citizens throughout District 5 during the next several months as possible and hope to earn your trust, confidence, support and Vote !

For more information about my candidacy please visit my website: and Facebook Page