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Why am I running Again

April Miller, Candidate for Board of Education

(4/2018) It has been an honor to serve on the Frederick County Board of Education for the past 2 terms and I am seeking your support to continue to be a voice for parents and students in our school system. I envision our schools as the heart of the community. Places that inspire, equip and encourage each and every student to seek knowledge, acquire skills and gain experiences that enable them to find their own path in becoming an integral part of the community.

Each child deserves an education that does not put limits on their potential. We need to put in place a structured, scientifically-based reading system that has been proven successful. Current curriculum needs to be re-evaluated to align with students developmentally where necessary and restrictions on acceleration need to be lifted.

It is critical to continue to be the voice our students need to advocate for other measures of success than standardized testing, to be the voice for our most vulnerable students where testing can actually cause distress. Testing and assessment need to be designed to improve instruction. I have presented and received approval for a Special Education Strategic Workgroup to evaluate special education communication, implementation, integration in the classroom and make recommendations on streamlining the IEP process for families. This committee will assess barriers to providing quality instruction and intervention for our special education students.

We need to continue to improve the safety and security of our buildings. The school resource officer program needs to be expanded and the remaining updates to building security plans need to be completed. Addressing current behavior challenges, mental health and emotional needs of our students should continue to be a priority for the Board of Education.

Every decision I have made and will continue to make is guided by my core beliefs in education. They have been constant since my 2010 campaign: 'Our children deserve a board that knows how to be responsive to families and the community instead of just giving a response"

My goals are to institute a more globally competitive curriculum that is challenging to all students regardless of level while recognizing individual learning styles. I will implement policies that promote educational accountability and mandate fiscal transparency. I believe families and the community need to be actively involved in the educational process.

Creative solutions and ideas can improve the landscape of our educational system. Leadership should set the example, not be the exception. I strongly support motivated teachers and administrators that put the kids first every day and as a result change lives.

I envision a BOE and school administration working together in a system of 'checks and balances' for a common goal of high student achievement. I will not rubber-stamp decisions from the administration. I will create a positive climate for ideas and actively solicit community involvement in the policy-making process. Accountability must begin with an honest look at both successes and failures. Parents and teachers are on the frontline of our schools. They should be encouraged to offer genuine feedback and new solutions or ideas. If they are unable to speak to the problem, we will be unable to seek solutions.'


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