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VHC acknowledges excellence

Danielle Ryan

(1/26) Each year the Vigilant Hose Company (VHC) selects four members to receive outstanding service awards. The Hall of Fame Award, Member of the Year Award, Presidentís Award, and Chiefís Award were all presented to the selected recipients during VHCís annual award banquet held on January 7.

The Vigilant Hose Companyís highest award was presented to an individual who has made lasting contributions to the department, community and the region. This year, the Hall of Fame Award was presented to Carl White.

White joined the Vigilant Hose Company in September 1982. White was the Captain in 1996, 2nd Assistant Chief 1997 - 2000, and Lieutenant 2001 Ė 2007. He also served the departmentís administrative needs by serving the role of Assistant Secretary in 1984, and served as a member of the Board of Directors from 2011 to the present. White was a Chairman on the Small Equipment Committee for many years and was also a Top Ten Responder and Top Ten LOSAP for several years. In addition, he also served on the Tower 6 Truck Committee and the Squad 6 Committee.

White can be described by many in the Department as the quiet guy who looks for no recognition. He participates in all aspects of the Department and assists with 95% of all fundraising activities. He is still an active responder and EMT, and is also a certified CPR Instructor. Carl is a third generation member of the Department and he joins his father, Hub, and his Uncle Tom, in the VHCís Hall of Fame.

The second award of the evening, the Member of the Year Award, was given to Matthew Boyd, an individual who has shown the most initiative in making the company the best it can be.

Joining the Department as a member of VHCís Explorer Post, Boyd "hit the ground running," earning his Firefighter I certification while still an Explorer. Boyd made the company believe he would be something special, and VHC members can proudly say they were not wrong.

Boyd rarely misses an event or function and has remained a top responder. "No task is too big and he accepts any challenge thrown his way. He is a self-motivator and sets a great example for other young members. He always steps forward when there are visitors in the station to make them feel welcomed and answer their questions," states Tim Clarke.

The Presidentís Award was presented to Randy Myers, who, for the past several years has volunteered to chair one of the most important VHC committees. It is a year round job and requires many hours of behind the scenes work including scheduling, planning and coordinating of events. He is currently serving as the Chairman of the Fundraising Committee and will be entering his second term as a member of the Board of Directors. Clarke replied, "Without the hard work and dedication of Myers and his committee, we would struggle financially and not be the successful department that we are."

The final award presented was the Chiefís Award, received by Josh Brotherton. Brotherton joined the Department 6 years ago. Over the span of six years he has obtained many certifications and awards for exceptional service. Brotherton was recognized by the Department as a talented individual who has committed himself to the business of public safety and through dedication and hard work he stands ready for whatever comes his way. Fire Chief, Chad Umbel said of Brotherton, "His remarkable ability to work with people, effectively organize tasks and priorities have made him a model for others to emulate and earned him the respect of his peers."

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