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Marty Qually runs for State Rep

Danielle Ryan

(10/2) On September 16 Adams County Commissioner Marty Qually announced his decision to run for State Representative in the 91st Legislative District in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Qually will be running against Dan Moul, who was elected to the position in 2006, and has held that position since then.

Qually has diligently served as Adams County Commissioner since 2012. In many ways, his time spent as a Commissioner has helped prepare him for the role of State Representative. "Being a Commissioner has allowed me the opportunity to learn about the needs of our community directly from residents and community leaders. The largest challenge of being a Commissioner is that with the lack of funding from the State and the ever-increasing amount of unfunded mandates, it gets harder every year to help meet the needs of the residents." If elected, he hopes to be a Representative who understands that good government can create economic prosperity and that a strong commonwealth is based upon strong local government.

In addition to his time spent as Commissioner, Qually served as an appointed County Auditor and an elected Gettysburg Borough Councilperson. He now serves as liaison to the Adams County Planning Commission and as a board member of the Adams County Economic Development Corporation. Qually is primarily focused on improving county finances and efficiency, making Adams County a place that preserves its quality of life and encourages economic development through effective planning, and ensuring that he is accessible and accountable to the public.

Qually’s commitment to providing better services at reduced costs is evidenced by his work to end expensive county office space leases in favor of a new Human Services Building. This new building has greatly enhanced service to the public and will reduce the annual costs to tax payers for years to come. He currently leads the County’s Capital Improvements Team and is working to create a long-term office space needs assessment and a capital improvements plan. These efforts will better outline the County’s long term needs and create a path to achieving these goals.

Hamiltonban Township Supervisor Coleen Reamer stated, "I have known Marty since he first held a seat on Gettysburg Borough Council. I have always admired his drive, his energy, his never give up attitude. He also has a real sense of what is needed at the Community level of government to be able to bring a better outcome to us from Harrisburg government. I believe he will make a real difference."

State Representative Dan Moul campaigns on government reform and is currently working on tax and welfare reform, and reducing the size of the state legislature. He also lobbies to protect the safety and welfare of children. Moul was named Vice Chairman of the House Game and Fisheries Committee, and will continue to serve on the Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Tourism and Recreation Development committees. Moul also serves on the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin.

Both candidates are lifelong residents of Adams County, attending Adams County schools through High school as well as local universities, and both chose to settle in the county, raising their families while serving the community. Qually will continue to represent and serve the people of Adams County while campaigning for State Representative.

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