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Vincent Gee, Candidate for Liberty Township Supervisor

(9/2017) Summer is almost over, fall is upon us. With this, the evenings will grow cooler, the swimming pools will be closed and the kids will be Trick-or-Treating before we know it. With the changing of the seasons, we have a chance to change the direction of the Liberty Township supervisory management. The general election gives every citizen a chance to voice their choice on whom they believe will do the best job and be dedicated to the cause.

Folks, I want to undo the carnage Mr. Barlow has plagued us with for the last year. He has failed to provide solutions to the problems that plague us. We need a person capable of providing solutions.

If I am elected, I will promote the creation and usage of "Business Controls". Controls are documented policies and procedures which provide an auditable record of payments, vendors, contractors, hours, etc. I will also assist in allowing the public to view these documents without fees or FOIA requests by posting them on the township website.

It is my belief that he has achieved nothing productive while in office this summer and has failed to complete even the smallest of tasks. I also question his dedication to the township with his record of absenteeism during his term. I will take a great deal of heat over this statement, but let me explain.

I can easily identify two specific instances of dereliction of his duty. First, he was tasked many meetings ago with procuring new propane tanks to replace the tanks the township currently leases. Not only did he fail to complete the task, but recently reassigned the task to the township secretary. Secondly, elected supervisors are required to complete the National Incident Management courses to be NIMS certified for FREMA/FEMA. These courses educate supervisors on how to handle incidents involving threats and hazards. Apparently he does not believe that our safety is important or he would have completed these classes upon being elected.

Regarding his attendance at township meetings, he has an absenteeism rate of about 20% since he was elected. In addition, he has a tendency to show up thirty minutes late, which just so happens to be when public comment closes. When conversations critical of him occur when he is absent, his allies cry out, "How can you attack a person who is not here?" The question that comes to my mind is, "Why is he not here? These meetings are planned out months in advance!"

Instead of bringing lawsuits against the township, I will bring modernization.

Instead of dividing the township I will promote balanced communication.

Our township needs a person who has experience with improving business operations, tightening policies and procedures and most importantly, a dedication to serve the people. In my opinion the incumbent demonstrated he does not possess these skills or the ability to build them based on his track record as a supervisor, his disastrous School Board Director stint and his alleged 40 years of community service.

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