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Heart & Hands: custom window treatments perfect for any room

Danielle Ryan

(2/21) Heart & Hands Decorators Workroom, located at 5B West Main Street, Thurmont, offers designers the opportunity to design the perfect window treatment to complete any room. Owned and operated by Thurmont resident Pamela Hamrick, customers can be assured that they will receive quality service and high-end custom-made designs, at a fair price.

Those looking for the perfect window treatment to complete a room can be certain that they will receive quality pieces from Heart & Hands. Valences, drapery, panels and curtains are all custom-made pieces that can be designed in any size, length, and fabric. Store-bought treatments can limit what a person can choose from, as stores only offer what is currently in stock. Those superstore options may or may not work for someoneís dream look, but custom-made pieces can help people realize the exact look they wish to achieve.

Customers can expect the attention to detail that Hamrick provides in her work. They will be able to get exactly what they pictured and walk away with a piece that fits the room and their personal style perfectly. Hamrick has over a dozen different styles of valences to choose from and will also work with those who wish to draw their own window design, creating a truly unique one-of-a-kind piece.

There are many benefits to utilizing window treatments in a room. Drapes and curtains help hold the heat in during cold winters. Window treatments also bring a warmth and welcoming atmosphere to a room that may seem a little cold. They say something about the homeownerís style and personality and can really serve as a focal point in any room.

Unfortunately, Hamrick explained, there really are no standard window sizes in this day and age, which is one of the many reasons that custom-made window treatments are the way to go. She will make window treatments that will fit the window perfectly. Customers can additionally expect their custom-made window treatments to mirror each other, meaning that the patterns, designs, and lines will all match, making for a completely cohesive look.

Although Hamrick understands that many people find it tempting and "easier" to purchase window treatments from superstores like Walmart, what they donít know is that they may actually be spending more money by having to replace them sooner than originally anticipated, due to the lesser quality. Custom-made window treatments give customers the piece of mind that that they may only need to replace the treatments if they choose, not because they are falling apart.

Heart & Hands is a full-service business, including the design process, selection of fabrics, creating the designs and finally, installation. Hamrick will even make home visits, if the customer so chooses, to help the design process. Hamrick wholeheartedly stands by her work and never sends something out her door if she isnít completely satisfied with it. "I lose sleep over projects that arenít done to my satisfaction," stated Hamrick. Not only is her work custom-made, itís made to last.

If youíre looking for the perfect window treatment that will be the highlight of your room, stop in to Heart & Hands. The shop is typically open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Evening appointments are also available by appointment. However, Hamrick noted that it is best to call prior to stopping by to ensure that she is in the shop and not at a home consultation or delivery. For more information, or to get started on designing your new window treatments, call 301-271-1028 or email Hamrick asks that customers please leave their name and contact information in the message, and if interested in getting started on a project to call first to discuss the details.

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