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100 Years Ago This Month

December 1917

December 7

Christmas Decorations

The windows of the local stores have already been decorated for Christmas. Suggested gifts, children's toys and tree trimmings are very prominent at the special season of the year. All the storekeepers and businessmen in Emmitsburg have decorated extensively and their places of business present a beautiful spectacle.

Butchering Time In Emmitsburg

Quite a number of Emmitsburgians have taken advantage of the fine weather and are doing this year's butchery. Some very fine porkers have been recorded. On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, Mr. Frank Kelly killed two immense hogs that brought down the scales at 752 pounds.

The Red Cross Rally

Last evening, the Red Cross rally, announced last week, was held in the public school auditorium, the Rev. Hensley presided. Judge Hummand Urner of Frederick, the speaker of the evening, made a patriotic address outlining the splendid activities of the various organizations aiding the government and the war and urged increased membership in the local unit of the American Red Cross. It is reported that fourteen joined the local organization last night, bringing the membership in Emmitsburg to 28.

Christmas Savings Checks To Be Mailed Monday

Members of the Christmas savings club of the Emmitsburg savings bank will receive $11,000 in the form of prettily decorated checks on Monday of next week, the sum being about $2,000 in excess of last year's club. The Christmas club idea, being a purely local one, actuates all of this money going to the people of the immediate community, and a good deal of it makes its way into the coffers of the local merchants, stimulating holiday buying as perhaps nothing else will. Next year's club promises to be bigger than ever. Cars may be taken out now. As soon as the original supply is exhausted the club will be closed.

December 14

Local Men Busy Filling Ice House

Messrs. Isaac Annan, Joseph Hoke and others are busily engaged in filling their icehouses. The ice on Tom's Creek is reported to be about 5 3/4 inches in thickness.

Work Stops On Account Of Weather

Owing to the fall in temperature on Saturday, the work laying the concrete roadway on Gettysburg Street had to be abandoned until the snow has melted and warmer weather sets in. On Monday night, the temperature dropped to 6 degrees. Starting Friday night and continuing all day Saturday, snow fell to a depth of about 6 inches. On Saturday, the first sleighs of the season put in their appearance and from all reports the roads in the vicinity of Emmitsburg must be in fine condition for sleighing.

Notice To Movie Patrons

Why not take a sleigh ride to Thurmont on Saturday and stop to see the celebrated comedian Mr. George M. Cohan in the play entitled "Seven Keys To Baldpate" at the Gem Theater? Mr. Cohan, better known as the Yankee Doodle Boy, is a famous patriotic songwriter of the present time. Admission is $.10.

Send Your Soldiers Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Send your soldier boy a box of cigarettes for Christmas. There is nothing better for his health then Lucky Strike cigarettes. Each box contains twelve packs ready for mailing at Matthew store. For under a dollar a box, you can send him a present he will treasure.

December 21

Woman's Auxiliary Association

The women's Auxiliary Association of the Defense League has made 42 sweaters and sent 40 of them to the men in the service from the Emmitsburg district. Two were sent to men from across the line in Adams County. This auxiliary had also knit a number of helmets, scarves and stockings for the boys.

Boozer’s Send Booze To Troops

In response to last week’s notice encouraging people to send cigarettes to the boys oversees, the Former Former Boozers collected and packaged ‘hooch’ for the troops in hopes of getting it to them by New Years. "There is no better way to ward off the effects of cold weather than a smoke and a good drink." Said Dan Shorb, President of the Boozers. "We owe it to our boys to make sure they are well provisioned to withstand the weather on the front." As if to prove their point, during Wednesday’s near record cold, the Boozer’s imbibed heavily as they packaged the booze for the troops – resulting in more being consumed here then being shipped ‘Over There.’

Revenue Collector To Be Here

In a communication received recently, collector of internal revenue, Joshua Miles, announced that a federal income tax officer will be sent to Emmitsburg February 25 to March 1. He will be stationed at the post office, and will be there every day and willing to help persons subject to the income tax to make out the returns without any cost to them for his services.

Runaway Results In Broken Arm

While returning from Emmitsburg on Tuesday, Mrs. Charles Wagerman of Annandale had the misfortune to fracture her right forearm at the wrist. The horse Mrs. Wagerman was driving became frightened in the harness and caused the animal to kick, thus upsetting the sleigh, and throwing the occupants in the snow. In this way, Mrs. Wagerman received her injuries.

Black Trench Bird

Last week Mr. Joseph Bishop of this place received from a friend in Jerusalem a black Trench Bird, or Turkish carrier pigeon, taken from a captured Turkish officer. The bird - presented to the Chronicle Museum by Mr. Bishop - had under its wing at the time of its capture a note, and cipher, and the signed order for one million packs of Turkish Trophy cigarettes. Being a little under the weather at the time of his arrival in Emmitsburg, the "pigeon" was put on a diet and is now undergoing medical treatment at the veterinary offices of Dr. Brokaw.

Dividend Notice

At the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Emmitsburg Savings Bank, the regular semiannual dividend of 3 1/2 percent was declared, payable on and after January 2. As usual, checks will be mailed to stockholders.

Shooting Match At Motters

On Monday, December 24, Rory Sharrer will hold a shooting match at Motters. Prizes offered will include buggy harness, turkeys, geese, ducks and chickens. Take home a turkey for Christmas.

December 28

Many Christmas Trees On Display

In many of the homes of Emmitsburg there are some very beautiful Christmas trees on display. These trees add greatly to the holiday spirit that prevails. Many of the younger set of boys and girls have greatly indulged in the spirit of Christmas by costuming in various styles and parading the streets, visiting neighbors and friends.

Winter Sports

The recent decrease in the temperature has caused the smaller streams and ponds in the vicinity to freeze over sufficiently so as to give pleasure to many of the boys and girls who enjoy skating. Each day this week, parties were held and were thoroughly enjoyed by all present. Our local icy pavements afford many unusual opportunities to those wishing to become proficient in the fascinating art of tumbling, hand springing etc. and the experimental lessons in astronomy are not to be considered a small item. We will, in all probability, have this form of amusement until spring.

Dr. Softon Will Give Up Practice

Owing to failing health, Dr. Softon of Fairmont, who for a number of years made weekly visits to Emmitsburg, has announced that he will discontinue his practice in this place. It is with deep regret that he makes the statement and hopes that soon another Dentist will take up the work he is leaving. Dr. Softon’s many patrons will be sorry to hear of his giving up the practice that he has so successfully carried on.

Christmas Play

On Friday afternoon, before a large and appreciative audience, the pupils of St. Euphemia’s parochial school presented the Christmas play entitled "Birds’ Christmas Carol" in three acts. The young amateurs displayed much talent, each and every member of the cast deserving the highest praise. The stage, in which many of the younger children took part was beautifully arranged and represented the reward of the generous and noble-hearted to the poor and the needy.

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