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A quick note before we send
you on to our bulletin board ...

To goal of the Greater Emmitsburg Area Historical Society is to collect and share as much information as we can on the Greater Emmitsburg Area.  We are seeking information from all sources especially ex-residents, or descendants of former resident, living across this great country of ours.  The results of our efforts will be a updated history of Emmitsburg in chronological format, including maps showing the evolution of the towns and the farms and homesteads surrounding it.

In hopes of facilitate a more active exchange of information, we have updated the software we use for our bulletin board. We hope you like the new look and fell, not to mention its added functionality.

You are encourage to post your requests for information, as well as to post any information you might have.  To log into the bulletin board, click on the link below:

Log into the Greater Emmitsburg Area Historical society Bulletin Board

It goes without saying, if you're local, we encourage you to join us at one of our monthly meetings.  They are held the third Thursday of every month at at the Emmitsburg Community Center.  If you have any question, please e-mail us: history@emmitsburg.net.