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World War II Honor Roll

Allen R. Knott

Date of Induction- March 17, 1943
Branch of service-Air Force - 303rd Air Service Group
Date of Embarkation-July 4, 1944
Served in Asiatic Pacific (5 medals)
Discharged-November 24, 1945
Rank-Corporal/Medical Corpsman

Air Raids and Attempted Air Raids Against Saipan from 1 November 1944 to Occupation of Iwo Jima

3 November - Alert 0130, 9 bombers dropped 5 pound fragmentation bombs on runway. Very little damage. I shot down near Tinian by AA. Other, a Betty, shot down by P-61, fell in Engineers bivouac area, killing 4 and seriously wounding 6. Recovered map showed aircraft had come from Bonin Islands.

7 November - Alert 0130, 1 low flying aircraft straffed runway with very little damage. Escaped without drawing fire.

Alert 0430, 1 low flying aircraft swept over runway. Dropped no bombs. Probably was taking pictures. Escaped.

24 November - Alert 0915, 1 Irving shot down by P-38 at 28,000 feet, about 5 miles northwest of Isely Field.

27 November - No alert, 2 Bettys passed over bivouac area at low level at about 005, bombed and straffed 499th dispersal area.

At 1210, again without an alert, 17 Zekes came in over Isely Field and straffed it thoroughly. Then came over bivouac area. 1 man killed and considerable damage to aircraft, though fortunately most planes were airborne on a raid against Tokyo. A number of personnel injured in 500th Group area when a Zeke was shot down, and exploded near a shelter. 13 Zekes shot down by AA, 1 destroyed by P-47's near Pagan. 1 destroyed on Pagan airfield by another P-47, just after it landed. Other 2 aircraft possibly ditched because of battle damage.

29 November - Alert 0100, 8 bombers, 1 shot down. Not much damage.

5 December - Alert 1005, 1 llyrt (Recco Plane) shot down before it reached field, at 30,500 feet by a P-38, 10 miles northwest of Tanapag.

7 December - Alert 0404. At 0404 ˝; several very low flying bombers straffedthe bivouac areas, the Field, and the Island generally, especially East Field. About half-hour later, 13 planes at altitudes ranging from 13,000 feet to 33,000 feet came over Field. AA shot down 6 in all. Saipan AA got one, Tinian AA got one, and a minesweeper off shore got one. 3 B-29's were destroyed, 3 badly damaged, 20 minor damage. 1 killed, 2 wounded, many minor casualties. Only one aircraft definitely identified - a Peggy.

20 December - Alert 1043, a Recco plane sneaked in behind a B-29 and escaped after a chase.

23 December - Alert 2007, 5 planes damaged B-29's at Isely and 1 bombed a Navy quonset area near Tanapag, killing quite a few personnel. 1 shot down near East Field by P-61. AA got one.

25 December - Alert 2010, 25 planes. Some damage done at Isely Field, East Field, and Kobler, mostly at former. Raid lasted one hour. 1 accurate glide-bomb attack destroyed a B-29. 3 shot down by P-61's. AA shot down 1 and had 1 probable. Considerable damage, although considering number of planes, damage was moderate. Most of it was at high altitudes.

26 December - Alert 2210, 2 separate enemy planes approached; one at 11,000 feet, the other at 20,000 feet. A P-61 shot down one 10 miles north of Marpi Point, before it got in. The other passed the Island and came in from the south. It was shot down off Tinian before it got in, by a P-61.

2 January - Alert 0335, a twin-engine plane came in from the east, 15 minutes later and dropped bombs on Isely Field - got away.

Another alert at 0416, 1 Jap aircraft was intercepted north of Island and turned back.

Alert at 1235, 1 Myrt shot down 5 miles north of Marpi Point, after being over Island.

3 January - Alert 0413, 1 Betty at 21,000 feet shot downby P-61, 35 miles north of Island. Aircraft never reached Island.

Alert 0459, 1 Irving at 21,000 feet did not reach the Island and was shot down by a P-61, 10 miles north of the Island.

5 January - Alert 1241, 1 aircraft came within 30 miles of Island but was intercepted 40 miles north of Island. It was chased 80 miles by a P-38 and a P-47, but escaped.

15 January - Alert 1205, 1 Myrt came in at 31,000 feet. Came in close to Tinian, turned away, and was shot down by P-47. No alert sounded.

2 February - Alert 1025, 1 Myrt at 13,000 feet, intercepted by 2 F6P’s and shot down 20 miles north of Saipan.

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