Contact your local Master Gardner Program

Have a gardening question? Odds are your local Extension Office has an answer  If you live in the Adams County Pennsylvania or Frederick County Maryland area, please county the Master Gardener Programs coordinators listed below. 

If you live outside these areas, please contact your local cooperative Extension office for they are best suited to answers your questions.  Extension Offices are run by your state universities in cooperation with your county.  To find the number of your local extension office go to the USDA Extension web page at:

If you have a question specifically related to one of our articles and would like to contact its author, please e-mail the Master Gardener Coordinator of the program the author is associated with and they will happily forward your e-mail onto the author.

 Adams County Master Gardeners
Contact:  Mary Ann Ryan
Telephone: (717) 334-6271
 Frederick County Master Gardeners
Contact:  Susan Trice
Telephone: (301) 600-1596
 Carroll County Master Gardeners
Contact:  Steve Allgeier
Telephone: (410) 386-2760