Holiday Recipes from the Garden

 Kay Hinkle
Adams County Master Gardener

Festive Party Potatoes

Potatoes and sweet potatoes, in their many different forms, are the customary backgrounds for the more elegant vegetable dishes. Here are two potato recipes, which everyone in our family expects to be served at our holiday dinners. The Party Potato recipe is from my daughter-in-law Deb's mother Nancy Hanson. The Sweet Potato Puff was introduced to us by my daughter-in-law Wanda a few years ago.

5# white potatoes
8 oz softened cream cheese
12 to 16 oz sour cream
3 T dried chives
1 to 2 garlic cloves, pressed
salt and pepper to taste
c grated cheddar cheese

While potatoes are boiling, blend the softened cream cheese and 12 oz. sour cream. Drain well and mash the potatoes. Add the cheese mixture, the chives, garlic, salt and pepper. If needed, add additional sour cream to achieve desired consistency. Butter a large casserole dish, and fill with potato mixture. Can be made the day ahead and refrigerated. If you do that, allow casserole and contents to come to room temperature before cooking. Dot top of casserole with butter and cook (covered) at 325 for 45 minutes to one hour. Check center to be sure it is heated through. Put grated cheddar cheese on top and bake an additional 5 minutes to melt cheese. Serves 10 to 12.

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