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James A. Helman's ~ 1906

History of Emmitsburg, Md.

While we were more then happy to provide our users Helman's History of Emmitsburg, we must warn you, the book is full of errors.  The book is not a history book, but simple collection of unsubstantiated bits and pieces of information all unvalidate. So while it is enjoyable reading, we do not recommend it's contents be used as a bases for historical research.


This book makes no, pretension to be classical.

It merely tells the time, circumstances and people connected with this community, in which all are interested. It starts with the earliest records regardless of personality or religion, as far back as 1734 accurately, and follows these people as they cut the forest and till the soil, build towns, make laws, and pass away. No personal history is named save the Emmit family as a whole, this is due the founder of the town. All the churches are historically spoken of, so far as the information could be obtained. Let one fee slighted, if the their name is not in the book. The enterprise from 1785 to present are in full. Some of the older tombstones are copied, to show the place of burial of the early settlers. Receive the book for just what it claims for itself, nothing more.


Helmans' History Of Emmitsburg

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