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Emmitsburg In the Civil War

Cole's Cavalry Veterans

Reunion of Company C, Coles Calvary

(Originally Published in the February 12, 1889 Star and Sentinel)

A number of the surviving members of this company held their first reunion since the close of the war, in the hall of Corporal Shelly Post on last Tuesday evening the 5th where a permanent organization was affected with the following officers for the ensuing year. President 1st Lieutenant W. A. Horner of Belle Pane Kansans, Vice President Sergeant Theodore McAllister of Green Mount, Pa., Secretary 1st Lieutenant O. D. McMallan of Gettysburg, Lieutenant J. E. Wible of Gettysburg.

The following executive committee was appointed; Lieutenant W. A. McIlhenny of Hunterstown, Sergeant T. McAllister, of Greenmont, Charles C. Currens of Taneytown, William B. Frailey of Emmitsburg, Jesse Beard of Waynesboro, John Sentz of Fairfield, John M. Huber, Craig B. Shields, and Salis M. Horner, al of this place.

The following were appointed a committee on Constitution Jos Fest of York, Jesse Stahl of Carlise, George Eyster of Emmitsburg, and J. E. Wible, O. D. McMillan, D. H. Starner, J. Munshower, A. V. and George Weikert all of this place and vicinity.

The members and friends then reopened the banquet hall of the Post where a bountiful supper, provided by the local committee, then wives and lady friends was enjoyed by about sixty members and friends present.

A pleasant feature of the occasion was the bringing forth of the steeds in the shape of cake horses for the veterans which recalled many anecdotes of those horses to every cavalryman so dear.

After the banquet all reopened the Post Hall when the roll of the Company was called and each name brought up scenes and incidents of the stunning time of '16 and '65. Sergeant McAllister and J. E. Wible, gave some of their experiences of the horrors of prison life at Andersonville and other southern prisons and other members spoke of different scenes and incidents of Army Life.

A list of engagements in which the Company participated was also read and recalled many incidents of interest. The occasion was interrupted with the singing of Patriotic Songs, and at a late hour adjourned to meet at the Call of the Executive Committee at such time and place they may determine.

The company was organized at Frederick, Md. August 27, 1861, by Captain John Horner and was recruited in Adams County, Pa., and Frederick and Carroll Counties Md. and served principally in the Shenandoah Valley, Loudoun and Fauquier Counties Virginia and West Virginia was with General Hunter in the Lynchburg Campaign and had four men killed in service, 12 died in southern prisons and 5 in hospitals or at their homes during the war.

Announcement Reunion of Cole's Cavalry to be held

(Originally Published in the Emmitsburg Chronicle January 1897)

The thirty-fifth annual reunion and banquet of Cole's Cavalry Veteranís Association was held Monday night a Wagner's Green House, Pratt street near Charles street, Baltimore. The reunion is held in commemoration of the battle of Loudoun Heights, Va. which occurred at midnight, January 10, 1864, in a blinding snowstorm. Among the guests of the association was Lieutenant Joseph H. Nelson, who was a member of the attacking party in Mosby's command.

Officers were elected at a business meeting preceding the banquet, as follows: president, Colonel George W. F. Vernon; vice president, Major 0. A. Horner; treasurer, J. J. Kahler; corresponding secretary, Joseph Brooks; recording secretary, Alexander M. Brisco.

Colonel Vernon presided at the banquet and acted as toastmaster. The toasts were: "The Day We Celebrate" Col. Henry A. Cole; "Our Dead Comrades,"drunk standing and in silence; "The President of the United States," Colonel Vernon; "The Cavalry," Rev. John B. Hall; "The Infantry, "J. J. Kahler; "The State of Maryland, The Commercial Metropolis," ex-Mayor Ferdinand C Latrobe; "The Artillery," Capt. M. Bryan; "The Navy," Major Walter A. Donaldson; "The Ladies," Major 0, A. Horner; "The Grand Army of the Potomac," Alexander M. Brisco; "The Commissary Department," Charles Fossler; "The Maryland Brigade," Gen. D. L. Stanton.

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